Corporate Overview


"Every day you are in a new business and you just can't stop working. The minute you stop working at it, you are going to go backwards."

Conrad Chung
C.E.O., Marimo Co., Ltd.

After fifteen years in the gifts and life style product industry, Conrad has developed three simple yet fundamental principles: a strong work ethic, a keen understanding of the market, and most of all, a passion for the business. These values have been carefully nurtured in employees who now function as core members of the team.

Together, their combination of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm has earned the Hong Kong based design and marketing company its strong presence in the industry. The needs of both large retailers and independents alike are met by the attention paid to the customers' tastes and lifestyles.

Marimo Co., Ltd is now making inroads in different oversea markets, and retailer feedback on product sell-through is strong. Success at store level is increasing demand for the creations of Marimo Co., Ltd.

Simply said, Marimo is a name to watch, because it is a name to buy.

The hallmarks of Marimo Co., Ltd. begin with a highly experienced design team that researches the world for major trends and fine designs. The result is always fresh collections of timeless creations that are witty, stylish yet functional.

Wherever you are and whatever your style and taste, Marimo Co., Ltd. has the products you've been looking for!

Tel:- (852) 2352 1321 Fax:- (852) 2352 1002 E-mail:- [email protected]